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Group Employed Worker Upgrade Training

Group Employed Worker Upgrade "On-the-Job" Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the wages and/or costs associated with conducting training for employed workers. The goal is to give groups of workers the opportunity to learn new skills sets necessary to improve retention and/or workplace culture, efficiency & production quality & quantity. The Group Employed Worker Upgrade "On-the-Job" Training Program offers individuals, regardless where they reside, the opportunity to be properly trained to be successful on the job. It also offers businesses an opportunity to conduct in-house training for non-traditional or business-specific skills sets. An additional advantage is when a business starts a new endeavor whether it is new equipment, new product, etc. they can reduce costs by training in groups.

  1. Pre-Award Agreement between CSS WF NY & Business - CSS Business Services staff is able to meet with the business and discuss their on-site, internal training needs and estimate the costs of the training and develop a training plan.
  2. Trainee Application - Please proceed utilizing the steps above under "On-the-Job Training" for a complete listing of all of the steps to complete a Group Employed Worker Upgrade Training Grant.